About us

Born from the idea that money’s not everything - the client is: Riviera Luxury Rentals is unique in its thinking and handling of its clients.  

Like Jerry Maguire said “The secret to this business is personal relationships, we are losing a battle with all thats real and personable about this industry…” 

Riviera Luxury Rentals' focus is the congress and seasonal market here in the South of France and in particular Cannes’s distinct market; however we aren’t trying to take over the market; we want to take care of the market.  

Not going quite as far as hand picking our clients but we want to make sure that each and everyone person that books with Riviera Luxury Rentals has that feeling.  Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the local market - all of which is at your finger tips.  

Fewer clients, happier clients, repeat clients - welcome to the Riviera Luxury Rentals  experience.  

Riviera Luxury Rentals SAS
7 rue Leopold Bucquet
06400 Cannes
+ 33 4 93 99 96 75