Free your mind

In the immortal words of Morpheus, "free your mind"; "get unplugged" and we at Riviera Luxury Rentals couldn't agree more.

In a society where we are all in serious relationships with our iPhones, computers and the constant stream of information from the internet; its important to take sometime to disconnect, unplug and free your mind.  I personally counted almost 20 devices connected to the internet at home - its important to disconnect and not just the "no phones at dinner rule!"

Get outside, go for a run, ride, swim or whatever your pleasure - free your mind; break your body physically and let the stress of the week run away; I guarantee that you will feel amazing and tomorrow morning you will be more focused at work, your body will ache but your mind will free.

let us know how you unwind at the weekend and free yourself from the week's worries.