What is driving holiday goers' demand away from hotels and into luxury rentals for their vacations?

Following the rise of holiday rental companies such as our colleagues over at Luxury Retreats, there has been a big increase in the supply of holiday accommodation in the marketplace: demand from holiday goers has shifted away from staying in hotels and into private properties.


What are the driving factors behind this huge shift in demand? Riviera Luxury Rentals takes a look.

1. Exclusivity

Does anyone like the frantic rush to the pool to put towels down on the sunbeds? Why even share the pool, when you can have your own in a villa's beautifully sculptured garden! While some may enjoy the company of other holiday goers, hearing the same accents you got on an airplane to get away from does not fill most with excitement. When you go on vacation, you want to leave home behind, and relax in a tranquil setting. Holiday goers want their own exclusive space, bigger than a hotel room: they've found, with their own exclusive space, their time away is much more revitalising.

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2. Privacy

Nobody likes to be woken up in the early hours, by other hotel guests coming in from a night out - all the while, your holiday is the perfect time to let loose... so what do you do?! Holiday goers are preferring private residences over hotels, to both have zero disturbances and calm when they need it, but also to have a good time with no imposing curfews dictating the fun. Do other people need to know what you're up to when you're having a great time? That's nobody's business but yours. Avoid awkward atmospheres in the cafeteria at breakfast by going for a private residence.

Rent this waterfront villa with pool on Cap d'Antibes - enjoy your holiday time the way you want to, in this private villa.

3. Live like a local

Holiday goers are seeking a more authentic type of holiday, instead of being packed up in accommodation with people who know no more about the area than they do. Living in and amongst the citizens, hearing the natives discuss their day over coffees at the cafés, being able to nip into the boulangerie just below your apartment.... it allows for a better connection to the city; to it's culture; to it's people. Tourists want more than sun and sea: they want to acquaint themselves with local living. Staying in hotels really hinders the ability to do that.

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4. Better value for money

Holiday goers are fed up of being price gouged when they seek a hotel room at short notice. More often than not, the only rooms available in hotels at late notice aren't the best - why do hotels feel they can demand extortionate prices for poor quality accommodation? The added supply of private residence means holiday goers now have an option - and with private property owners not wanting empty residences, holiday goers may even find a steal on a fantastic property. Even if there are no great deals, instead of going to a mediocre hotel and staying in a mediocre room for a high price, holiday goers can stay in a luxury property for the same cost.

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We expect to see more holiday goers preferring private residences in the coming years. If you are looking for a private residence to spend your holidays in, send me an email at lee@rivieraluxuryrentals.com to discuss your holiday requirements.

Alternatively, head over to www.RivieraLuxuryRentals.com and browse our extensive portfolio of properties!

Have a great weekend everyone!