MIPIM 2018 is here!


MIPIM 2018 is finally here! Welcome to all of the 20,000+ attendees of this year's edition of MIPIM, based here in the beautiful paradise of Cannes! The city has been swarmed by suits and boots, and what a day for it!

At the world's leading property market, expect to find the property industry's leading lights dictate the stage, as conferences are given to large audiences: what are the issues and focal points of the property market today, and what innovative solutions are the great thinkers bringing to the market?

Moreover, expect to find many workshops, for those looking to get in the know - the best in biz will give the rundown on the newest ideas and latest trends to get you ahead of the game. All the while, utilise your time amongst your peers to network: develop relationships, find new clients and build new bridges!


To all of the industry professionals coming to this years MIPIM, we wish you a productive and very fun time here while you are in Cannes!

For live updates from MIPIM, take a look and follow MIPIM's twitter account.

Have a great time!