Ride mipim 2018, guys just being guys?

I know that guys will always be guys and sometimes that includes me but having just endured the brutality of Ride Mipim 2018 - 1500ks on a bike in the rain over just 6 days I was sad to read about one of the few female riders experiences.

Donna was one of the 5 girls that took part in Ride Mipim 2018 and posted on her blog her perspective which can be read here: https://velocitymagazine.co.uk/news/post/cycle-mipim-womans-perspective and as one of the guys who did this ride I have to apologise to her, not because I was one of the men that taunted her but just cause its shameful.

Yes guys will be guys but we were all doing something amazing for charity here, for the kids and putting ourselves though hell in the process, why make the few girls who did it feel worse?  Telling Donna that she shouldn't have even taken part and should have only done the pedElle girls event?  Come on - I can think of a lot of guys that did the ride that shouldn't have really been there either and struggled on a daily basis - they weren't made fun of or called "girls".  Out of the 150 that took part just 15 did the full ride, I am a seasoned rider and trained a lot and dropped 2 stages so come on guys lets give the girls credit where credit is due.  Who cares if they rode 1500k or 500k the point was to raise money for the kids do some networking and bond together.  On the day of the 330K ride, on the last stage, I had a massive energy drop, Joe Morris one of my ride captains dropped back with me for 30 mins and kept me going and I am thankful for that as for a few mins I was ready to jump in the medics van and give up.  Joe never shouted at me or told me I was a pussy and shouldn't have tried to ride 330k in 1 day on 4 hours sleep (who in their right mind does that anyways!?) so guy or girl - this was a mental task, everyone involved should be treated the same and given a massive congratulations for taking on the challenge no matter how many k's they rode.

More girl power in 2019 I say.