The top 5 iconic moments of Cannes Film Festival 2018

This year's Cannes Film Festival has been one of the most political editions in recent history of the highly esteemed, world-renowned event, held every year in Cannes at the famous Palais des Festival. Here are the 5 most iconic, historic and groundbreaking moments of Cannes Film Festival 2018!

1. The Women's March

82 of the leading women professionals in the movie industry made a strong show of defiance by walking the red carpet, arm in arm, to protest gender disparity in the film industry.

'Girls Of The Sun (Les Filles Du Soleil)' Red Carpet Arrivals - The 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival

2. The gender parity charter signing

Following the Women's March, a charter was drawn up by the Cannes Film Festival organisers, in order to help rectify a long past of under-representation of women in the competition.


3. Spike Lee's tenacious tirade at Donald Trump

Following his Grand Prix winning production 'BlacKkKlansman' premiere, acclaimed director Spike Lee launched a scathing attack in the press conference on US President Donald Trump, repeatedly calling him a 'motherf***er', as Trump continues to incite racial tensions throughout America.

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4. Asia Argento's powerful closing ceremony speech

Asia Argento reflected on her past experiences as a young 21-year-old woman at the Cannes Film Festival, where disgraced Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped her. Following the accusations, Argento then declared such acts would no longer be tolerated in the film industry.

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5. Kirsten Stewart slipping the stilettos off, counter to women's red carpet dress code

There have been anecdotes that women without stilettos, wearing just pumps or flat shoes, have been turned away from the red carpet on the basis they were not dressed for the occasion. Here is Kirsten Stewart breaking all the rules!

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