Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If anyone has been looking for a reason to put on their lucky green suit lately, this coming Sunday would be a great time. We want to wish a very happy St. Patrick’s day to our Irish friends. The celebrations stretch all the way to the french riviera and we plan to spend the coming Sunday with a green beer in the sun. Since the summer came early this year we are looking forward to another sunny and warm weekend. If you just like us prefer to get a head start on summer, feel free to visit our website and dream away… and possibly start planning your spring getaway! 

Whenever you get a chance to put down your beer this weekend, visit us on www.rivieraluxuryrentals.com or send us an email at contact@RivieraLuxuryRentals.com  and we promise to get back to you first thing Monday morning after our coffee and aspirin. Riviera Luxury Rentals is here to find you the best possible vacation rental for your next holiday!