Scenic hikes on the French Riviera

The best way to explore the hills and views of the Mediterranean is to take a hike along the coast. If you are one of those people who can't just sit still on a beach chair the whole vacation, this is for you. No matter if you are looking to simply take a stroll and enjoy the views or a more challenging climb in the mountains. We have listed a few hikes in different difficulty levels and all can guarantee beautiful sea views. Remember to not underestimate the sun and always bring enough water and good shoes. Let's go!

1. Eze hike - Chemin de Nietzsche
If you want to combine exercise with some sightseeing, this is the place. There are two ways to get to the medieval village, either by going directly to the entrance by car or to start at the bottom of the mountain and hike all the way up! It is a steady incline the whole way and the path is at some parts uneven with loose gravel which makes it a bit more challenging. You can also start from the top and hike all the way down if you want to make it easier. This might be the best option for the warmer days. The hike takes around 1h-1h30m depending on how many times you stop for picture-perfect views. 

2. Cap Ferrat  
This hike takes you around one of the most sought after addresses in the world, Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat. It is a flat and fairly easy walk around the peninsula. There is no climbing involved in this one so you can just simply enjoy the views and beautiful villas without breaking a sweat. The hike takes around 2 hours and offers many places where you can take a break. 

3. Cap Antibes
Another peninsula that you can hike around is Cap d'Antibes. It is basically the same difficulty level as the one around Cap Ferrat. The flat path is surrounded by beautiful greenery. However, the path is a bit narrow in some parts and uneven so it is best to watch your step. Eventually, you'll arrive at Villa Eilenroc where you should definitely take your time to wander through the beautiful gardens. Thereafter the rest of the hike takes you inland and across the peninsula back to where you started. 

4. Cap d'Ail 
Mala beach coastal path - Ever hiked in two countries in one day? This is your chance. The 1,5-hour hike takes you from Cap d'Ail and into Monaco.  The views are truly stunning and this hike is a must for anyone staying in the area. However, don't attempt to take the hike in bad weather when the sea is unusually unruly. You can enjoy the impressive cliffs, small bays and wonderful views of the distant villages. 

5. Gorges de Pennafort
This an inland walk through the stunning gorges near the small city, Callas. It is an easy 1,5-hour hike but it can at times include wading through water depending on the season, so wear appropriate shoes. It is definitely worth it though as you can take a dip in one of the waterholes along the way and we suggest that duo ring a picnic. It is a perfect place to bring kids as the walk offers exciting natural slides and lots of fresh water pools to jump in. 


6. Tete de Chien - Chemin Romain
This view is definitely worth the hike. It starts at the center of Cap d'Ail and stretches all the way to the very top of the hill called Tête de Chien. The scenic walk takes around 2h and offers panoramic views over the ocean and surrounding mountains.  This is a great outdoor workout but it is not very family friendly. It is also best to avoid going in the middle of the day as there aren't many opportunities to get some shade.