Places to visit on the French Riviera - Menton

There are so many places to visit and so much to see on the French Riviera and this time we want to tell you more about Menton! the city is on the border to Italy and you can really feel the Italian influence in the area. But most of all Menton is known for Lemons and you will find all kinds of Lemon themed souvenirs and products to take home. A lot of people visit every year for the "fête du Citron" which is a Carnival that showcases amazing creations made out of Lemons. But there are plenty of other reasons to visit Menton also during the rest of the year! The city itself is beautiful and well worth a visit for just taking a stroll through the old town and admiring the colorful buildings. We have listed a few things that we think you shouldn't miss if you do visit! 

1. Marché des Halles

This is a must for all food lovers that are looking for some of the local products like cheese and meat. The friendly merchants will welcome you and it is a great place for some people watching. Or you can just come to enjoy the colorful display of fruits and vegetables. 

2. Basilique St-Michel Archange and the Old Town 

This 17th-century baroque church sits on the top of the hill in front of a nice little square that is squeezed in between the buildings. The church is not open all day long so make sure to check the opening hours before you go. The building is quite impressive and makes sure that you take the walk up there through the old town. The narrow streets are winding their way up the hill and give plenty of nice photo opportunities for everyone that is looking for that perfect vacation snapshot.

3. Cimetière du Vieux Château

For the best views of the city and the sea, you should climb up to the old cemetery that watches over the city up on the hill. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Italy as well as the neighboring towns and villages. Here you can find the graves of many Russian and British aristocrats. However, many come just for the view and it is definitely worth climbing the stairs. 

4. Beaches 

Menton has a variety of both sandy and pebble beaches to suit everyone's taste. If you prefer private beaches, there are plenty of those there too. So if you are visiting on a sunny day you should definitely take some time to stop and enjoy at one of them. Plage de Fossan is perfect for the little ones since the water is shallow and kid-friendly. Close to the port, you find the Sablettes beach and if you are looking for more private beaches you should head to plage Rondelli where most of them are located. 

5. Walk to Italy 

How many times can you actually say that you have taken a walk to another country? well, here you have the chance! it is an easy 30-45 min walk along the coast and once you get over the border there is a small cafe and shop where you can buy some Italian cookies or have a nice coffee. There is also a prehistoric cave and a museum that is well worth the visit. 

6. Jean Cocteau Museum 

For all of the art enthusiast out there, the Jean Cocteau Museum is near the port and it offers an impressive collection of his artwork, ceramics, and mosaics. If you are a Cocteau fan you really should not miss it. he also decorated the Wedding room in the Town hall which is well worth a visit. 

7. Gardens 

Menton is also famous for its many gardens and parks that are beautifully arranged with flowers and fruit trees. There are several world-class gardens to visit in the area such as the Serre de la Madone, the Le Val Rahmeh, the Fontana Rosa, the Maria Serena garden and Les Colombieres. There is also Parc du pian which has some olive trees that are over 1000 years old. Several smaller parks and gardens can be found all over the city and it really adds to its charm. There is of course also the famous lemon and orange groves in the surrounding hills.