Wine tasting in the South of France!

This is for all of you wine enthusiasts out there. The south of France has an abundance of wineries that are within range for a day-trip from the cities on the french riviera! The Provence wine region does not only have tasty wines, the landscape in the area is also beautiful and makes it worth the visit (especially for the designated driver). Thanks to the special climate, there is a big variety of grapes that grow in the area and some of them can only be found there. 
Even if it is not necessarily the most famous region in France for wine, it might be the most underrated one. So why not combine the next beach vacation to the french riviera with some excursions to the wine yards? Just in case, we have listed some good ones below! Click on the name of them to find out more. 

  1. Château de Berne
This vineyard is perfectly located in the middle between Nice and Marseille. They produce white, red and rose wines of high quality which you can taste in their cellar. If you have time you should also stay for a nice lunch on their terrasse.  

  1. Cassis 
Cassis vineyards are located right in between Marseille and Bandol. Here you can find 12 vineyards that are renowned for their crisp white wines that perfectly accompany the Seafood of the region. 

  1. Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Picturesque vineyards just north of Avignon produce a delicious strong red wine 

  1. Chêne Bleu Winery
The outstanding Chene bleu winery creates wines of the highest standards with the help of industry experts and State-of-the-art production methods. This winery is making a big effort to move towards producing more environmentally friendly wines. 

  1. Domaine Rabiega 
Domaine Rabiega is beautifully located in the Provence countryside. This small vineyard is known for its excellent full-bodied red wines which are the focus of their production. 

  1. Domaine de Fontenille 
Domaine de Fontenille is situated in an exceptional location for the grapes to obtain the best possible maturity. This vineyard offers wine tastings in their cellar as well as private dinners and wine courses.

  1. Domaine des Aspras
Domaine des Aspras is a family-run winery that is located in a small village. They have kept some of the traditional methods while simultaneously adopting more modern wine producing technology. This lets them produce a high-quality organic wine. 

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