18 signs that you urgently need to book a vacation

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Signs that you need a holiday:

  • The email signal on your phone makes you want to cry. 
  • The first thing people say when they meet you is no longer "how are you", it's "wow you look tired". 
  • You find yourself vividly imagining that the water bottle on your desk is a pina colada. 
  • The few times you make it out to see your friends for a drink it feels like a huge accomplishment because let's be honest, you would rather be home sleeping. 
  • You are starting to actually look a lot like you do in your passport photo. 
  • Your bathing suit still has the price tag on it and you bought it 5 years ago. 
  • The best thing that could happen on a Friday night is that your plans get canceled. 
  • You got extremely jealous when your colleague got a few days off to get out of town. Even though it was for a doctors appointment in a neighboring city. 
  • You swear the ringtone on your phone is starting to sound more and more like the intro to the movie "Jaws". 
  • You keep wishing for your car to not start in the morning so you can stay home for the day.
  • Your passport expired 2 years ago and you didn't realize until you found it tucked away under your old couch. 
  • You wake up in a panic every Saturday thinking that you are late for work. 
  • You've had more instances of road rage than you can count this week and you are honestly the one at fault each time.
  • Whenever your colleagues get a day off from work you give them the silent treatment for at least a week after. 
  • This morning you dropped off your kids at the office and yourself at school. 
  • Your google search history is full of searches like "how to retire at 35" and "is it possible to overdose on caffeine"
  • You use your suitcases to store all of your 34 winter sweaters. 
  • When you look in the mirror in the morning, this is what you look like.