Safe & Sound: A Guide to Traveling Responsibly During Covid-19

While the coronavirus outbreak continues to take a serious toll on public health, social distancing and other restrictive measures have proved to be an essential need to battle the global pandemic. However, these measures have taken a toll on economies across the globe and have slowed down various industries such as manufacturing, entertainment, and most of all, travelling

Are you considering rescheduling your plans to stretch out at a sandy beach on the French Riviera? A shopping spree in Paris you’ve always dreamed of? Partying at the beach clubs of affluent St Tropez? Do you have professional or family commitments that require you to travel, yet are worrisome about boarding a flight? Give it a second thought! Riviera Luxury Rentals shares with you a definite guide and tips to protecting yourself and your loved ones during coronavirus travels:

1. Check destination requirements and restrictions

Local and territorial government worldwide have imposed a variety of restrictions such as requiring travellers to wear face masks, being subject to self-quarantine for individuals that have recently travelled, and many more. Reading over government websites and other reliable sources of the destination that you are visiting will save you the hassle of delays, fines, and surprises during your travels. Additionally, do not forget that these rules and regulations are constantly moderated based on local conditions. 

Below are links to help you check the requirements of travelling in France during the pandemic:

2. Safety First, Always! 

Possibly anyone is subject to a varied level of risks from Covid-19, however, the aged and people of different ages with an history of underlying health conditions are at an increased risk of severe illness from the virus. Staying at home is the smartest option as travel may increase the probability of contracting the coronavirus, hence, if you must travel, it is wise to consult with your doctor to assess the additional measures you might have to take during your travel. 

Furthermore, do not travel if you are sick, have symptoms, or have been around someone with Covid-19 recently. You may not show symptoms but put your loved ones and other travel companions at risk. 

3. Pack the essentials 

Probably the most essential packing items in your luggage (YES, more important than your beach hat and tanning lotion) should be the following: 

  • Surgical face masks/cloth masks  
  • A sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol 
  • Thermometer 
  • Disinfectant wipes 
  • Other medication you typically consume 

  • For that extra protection, put on a face shield and gloves for air travels! 

4. Maintain Social Distancing

Remember, while scientists worldwide race towards finding a vaccine to this novel virus, we must continue to social distance for our own safety and people that surround us. 

  • Keep a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others in public transport, and crowded places.
  • If you sneeze/cough, cover your mouth and use your below. Additionally, sanitise your hands every time before touching your face. 
  • Avoid contact with anyone that shows symptoms of being sick.
  • Avoid touching common surfaces that are used by others, this includes door handles, knobs, and elevator buttons. If you must use any of these, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after doing so. 
  • Sanitise, and preferably wash your hands every time you eat or come in contact with edibles.
  •  Wear a mask at all times, and do not keep touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.


5. Trust Riviera Luxury Rentals to Take Care of the Rest 

Being the leading real estate agency with the most luxurious villas and apartment in the French Riviera, Riviera Luxury Rentals recognises that travellers are majorly concerned about coronavirus and safety. As you do your part and take precautions, trust us to take care of the rest. Each of our French Riviera villas comply with all the safety rules and regulations to protect our guests and staff so your stay is safe and full of memories. Here’s assuring you peace-of-mind:

  • From guest rooms, and swimming pools, to elevators and laundry areas, every inch of our luxury villas is deeply sanitised before each stay. 
  • Our welcome and in-villa staff is always masked and routinely checked throughout your stay. Each staff member is trained in disinfecting protocols, hand-washing, and personal equipment. 
  • Contactless payments. 

As the world together works towards fighting this global pandemic, each of us doing our part makes a significant difference. We, at Riviera Luxury Rentals, hope that this guide helps ease your travel anxiety and eagerly look forward to welcoming you the Mediterranean sun, golden sands, and turquoise waters of the French Riviera. Stay Safe!