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The Cannes Lions international congress festival is held every year at the Palais des Festival on the French Riviera in Cannes and is considered the largest gathering of the creative, marketing communications and digital innovation industries. The Cannes Lions awards festival celebrates the accomplishments and achievements of these industries over several days and identifies the world’s most elite international companies. To win an award at the Cannes Lions Festival globally recognises a company’s ultimate achievement in creativity. Naturally, such a large and prestigious international festival attracts hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors to Cannes and the surrounding areas every year. Cannes is a unique location and ideally suited for congress events such as Cannes Lions, Cannes International Film Festival, Mipim and several other events, as apartments, villas and hotels are able to accommodate thousands of people at one time. Therefore, Riviera Luxury Rentals offers assistance in organising all of the accommodation needs for guests that visit Cannes, France for the international Cannes Lions festival.

Find your rental for the Cannes Lions

Riviera Luxury Rentals is a prominent real estate company ideally located in the heart of Cannes and is pleased to help international visitors find the perfect accommodation in the centre of Cannes and within walking distance to the Palais des Festival during the Cannes Lions congress festival. Riviera Luxury Rentals’ extensive property portfolio offers guests a wide-variety of accommodation types to fit all budgets and needs. From delightful studios in the old town to 1,2,3,4 or more bedroom contemporary apartments right on Rue d’Antibes or La Croisette or even luxury villas with a private swimming pool and panoramic sea views in the hills of Super Cannes and Vallauris, Riviera Luxury Rentals is able to provide visitors with fully equipped accommodation to match all their needs while remaining centrally located in Cannes or surrounding locations along the French Riviera from Monaco to St Tropez. Because of the sheer number of apartments rental for Cannes Lions and villas in Cannes, Riviera Luxury Rentals has specially selected the best and most stunning properties, to ensure a care-free and seamless stay while visiting the Cote d’Azur and just a few minutes’ walk from the Palais des Festival on the famed La Croisette. By renting an apartment or villa through Riviera Luxury Rentals, guests can trust that they will have a comfortable and conveniently located rental property in the heart of Cannes, so they can focus on the Cannes Lions congress festival.

Furthermore, Riviera Luxury Rentals offers a 24-hour customer service help line in addition to providing accommodation in order to guarantee that all guests will be taken care of during their stay in Cannes. Riviera Luxury Rentals is able to source any accommodation need from 5-bedroom apartments to accommodate the whole team, to office spaces where companies can arrange conferences and meetings in a convenient location to ensure all guests can stay in-touch and communicate easily with each other during their stay in Cannes for the Cannes Lions festival. Riviera Luxury Rentals is also able to organise transfers from Nice airport straight to the apartment or villa for all their guests to allow for an enjoyable and relaxed experience while visiting the south of France for the international Cannes Lions festival that is held every year in Cannes on the French Riviera. Therefore, to ensure an apartment in the heart of Cannes within a few minutes’ walk from the Palais des Festival or a villa in the hills of Super Cannes to fit the whole team in during your stay in Cannes, France, contact Riviera Luxury Rentals. If you provide Riviera Luxury Rentals with your full details including budget and number of guests, you will be sent a tailored selection of centrally located apartments or villas to suit all your needs during your visit to the south of France in Cannes for the Cannes Lions international congress festival.

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