Invoice Terms Seasonal

This rental is concluded on the basis that the Property constitutes a temporary business residence. and is granted on the express condition that any commercial activity of any kind performed in the leased property is consistent with the rules of the organizers of the conference, convention or festival taking place in Cannes at the time of hire

The duration of the rental is defined on page one of this contract. Under no circumstances can the Tenant stay in the Property aoer this period without the consent of the Owner in writing.


This contract becomes firm once signed by both par;es and the initial payment received (see page 1 of contract). In the event that the Tenant cancels this agreement or fails to comply with the terms of payment of this contract, the initial payment will not be refunded if the cancellation occurs 60 days or more before the 1st day of the rental period. In case of cancellation after 60 days prior to the rental, 100 % of the rental cost will be due. Riviera Luxury Rentals suggests you take out a comprehensive travel insurance which includes cover in case of cancellation. In the unlikely event, the owner of the apartment is unable to rent it (due to a sale, or material damages caused by bad weather...), Riviera Luxury Rentals will be in the case of “Force majeure” due to a third party and will propose other similar alternatives to the tenant without ensuring availability. The new price will be re-adjusted and over paid sums will be reimbursed to the tenant. On the contrary, if the new price was higher than the first one, the tenant will have to pay the difference. If the tenant is not satisfied by any of the proposals, Riviera Luxury Rentals will return the entire sum received. However, in case of non respect of the conditions of the present contract, Riviera Luxury Rentals will be in right to cancel this contract without having to suffer any damages claim.

The amount of the damage deposit must be paid by the Tenant before taking possession of the rental property by preauthorisation on credit card or by wire transfer. The damage deposit is held against any breakages or damage caused by the Tenant during the rental period, as well as to cover, if needed, outstanding amounts due for expenses not included in the rental. An inventory including any existing imperfections will be given to the Tenant on arrival. This should be controlled and any differences reported to the agency within 24 hours aoer occupancy. Past this delay, it is considered that the inventory report as established has been accepted by the Tenant. A control will be made aoer the departure of the Tenant and any damages or breakages deducted from the security deposit. The Owner reserves the right to retain the deposit for a maximum of 15 days. Any amounts owed will be deducted from the damage deposit and the difference returned. If the deposit is insufficient the Tenant remains liable for the difference.
In case of absence of inventory, le tenant is supposedly taking possession of the rental property in a good state and will have to hand it over in the same state as he received it. Furniture and equipment that is not required by the tenant, may be in certain cases only be moved by the Lessor, the cost being at the charge of the Tenant. The Tenant may install supplementary furniture upon wrixen agreement of the lessor. In such case, the Tenant will be responsible for obtaining all the legal authorizations and commits to return the property in a good state, as it was handed. Riviera Luxury Rentals, upon request, will be able to supply such service.

The tenant must be insured against risks of theft, fire, water damage, broken glass and third party liability as defined under French law. Such insurance can be taken by Riviera Luxury Rentals in the name of the tenant upon request.


  1. To hand over the Property in good clean condition with all equipment working.

  2. To ensure that there are no undeclared problems that will inconvenience the Tenant during his occupation.

  3. Not to make any repairs or works to the property during the rental period except in emergency.


  1. To utilize the Property only for holiday or Congress purposes and not to move any furniture and transform the apartment to an office.

  2. Not to have more people to stay at the apartments than the maximum number noted on page 1.

  3. Not to create any nuisance for the neighbours, and if the Property is situated in a co-property not to infringe any of the regulations of the co-property.

  4. To occupy the property personally and in no case to sublet the Property.

  5. Not to bring into the Property any domes;c animal without the express permission of the Owner; any such permission granted being subject to the condition

    that the animal does no damage, nor inconvenience the neighbours.

  6. Neither to move nor displace any furniture during the occupation of the Property, nor make any other modifications to the Property, nor bring any other

    furniture into the Property without prior consent of the owner or agency.

  7. To allow access to the Property for any emergency repairs or works necessary during their occupation.

  8. To maintain the Property and return it in good condition.

  9. To inform the Owner or his agent immediately of any problems or incidents arising during the occupation of the Property even if there is no apparent


  10. To accept responsibility for any damages or degradations to the Property occurring during the occupation unless proven that it was not their responsibility.

  11. To give notice of the time of arrival and departure at least three days in advance.

Both the tenant and the lessor elect domiciliation at the addresses indicated on page 1 of this rental agreement.

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